So enough is enough and you can no longer start your morning in that dull, tired and old school bathroom. So what normally happens next.

You get 3 quotes from “bathroom renovators” and pick the one whose price is in the middle. They come in and demolish your old bathroom and replace every single item that was there before.
Does it have to be that way? Here’s a thought, What if those wall tiles that were in good condition but just an ugly mustard colour could be changed to a nice gloss white? And even better, doing this without having to rip out and replace.
Now the floor tiles would you prefer them to be charcoal as opposed to that mission brown? Well we can help with that too. No jackhammer required.
So if this has you asking a few questions then mission achieved. We believe in the philosophy of #Reuse #Resurface #Rethink. Maybe this something you should look into further. Retro Revamp love transforming rooms and would love to help you.