Bathroom makeovers can be an extremely effective way of giving your house a fresh and feel good space. From experience the thought of having to bring out the jack hammer and live in a dusty house for weeks on end is enough to stop most people from having an up to date bathroom. If this sounds like your situation then this may be of interest. What if you could have an on trend and modern room without the above stress? Well this is what we do on a daily basis , take away the pain points associated with renovating.

Resurfacing tiles, baths, floors and vanities could be the solution that makes sense to you. Check out the photos of the bathroom revamp that was undertaken by on of our happy clients.

This bathroom was resurfaced in Adelaide and the property put on the market. The seeling agent was blown away with the impact and new look that was achieved.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation than may I suggest exploring resurfacing as a strong option. We would love to answer any questions that you may have.