A new year and it’s officially April!

Our year has started off at a blistering pace and yes its our first post for the year, eek!

We hope everyone had a great Easter break and are now ready to tackle a new set of projects.

We thought it would be a great to change up our newsletter and let one of our clients from 2017 explain what it was like to resurface her kitchen. Majority of you who have subscribed to our newsletter are thinking of using resurfacing as part of your 2018 renovation and we think Jess’s experience will help answer some questions you maybe holding onto.

Note : we gave Jess a bunch of questions and these are her honest answers, we haven’t edited them at all – what would be the point in that ??

Q&A with Jess from ffrenchee

Jess found us when researching resurfacing, we are extremely lucky that Jess has her own personal blog via Instagram and she consistently takes images which include her resurfaced kitchen and bench top. We have included some of her images in this post and if you love all things interiors, flowers, lifestyle and baking check her out.

#1 Tell us a short background on your project.

We have a house that was built in the 60’s and hasn’t been updated since the late 70’s – think bright green kitchen and horrid brown tiles. Everything was still in great condition so rather than ripping it out we decided to resurface our existing kitchen.

#2 Did you consider a full rip out renovation for your project?

We definitely did consider a full rip out but the cost just for the kitchen alone would have gone into 10s of thousands which seemed like such a waste when the kitchen was in perfect working order. As the house is a bit older, anything that was ready-made (flat pack) was not going to fit the space. So we would have had to use custom designed cupboards which was just not in our price range or time frame.

#3 How did you come across resurfacing as an alternative?

I am a big fan of renovation shows and had seen resurfacing in the kitchen and bathroom being completed on older kitchens so I decided to google and see what I could come up with. We got several quotes and met with several companies but Ryan and Richelle from Retro Revamp were the most professional service we saw. From booking for a quote (their online booking system
is great), to actually laying eyes on the product they use on resurfaced kitchen doors at the quote meeting, to the follow up after, it was an easy choice.

#4 What were the final considerations that made you decide upon resurfacing your kitchen?

For us, it was the cost, quality of product (and past projects) and the time frame. It was a fraction of the price of a new kitchen and the time frame was great. Having a young family, we could not do without a kitchen for a long time. We knew that RR would finish our job with the attention to detail that we wanted.

#5 What were your original questions regarding resurfacing as an option for your renovation?

I wanted to know that the surface would look even and and that it would be durable for every day use. I didn’t want it to look ‘painted’ and I can confirm that if I didn’t tell you our kitchen was resurfaced, you wouldn’t know. It’s flawless.

#6 What surprised you the most about the resurfacing process?

I am really surprised about how flawless and natural the finish is especially on the benchtops. My brother, who is in the building industry cannot believe how good it looks!

#7 What additional benefits have you discovered since your project has been completed?

There is satisfaction in knowing that you have used something that was already there made it look better, for a fraction of the price of a new one.

#8 What 3 points would you pass onto potential clients looking at using resurfacing in their projects?

1. Is your current kitchen in good condition ? If so, then definitely consider resurfacing rather than ripping out it, it will save you time and money.

2. If you need extra cupboards – get them, then resurface. Remember that everything will be sprayed so as long as they look the same once they are of the same colour no one will know it doesn’t all match (we did this with our fridge shell) they are actually internal doors. Shhhh!

3. Don’t listen to people trying to tell you that resurfacing doesn’t work. It might not work when people try to DIY – Ryan and his team are professional spray painters and know how to prepare surfaces well to ensure the finish is perfect!

#9 What factors helped you choose to use Retro Revamp for your project?

Retro Revamp had great service, were very friendly and were easy to deal with. They also brought examples of kitchen cupboards that have been resurfaced so that we could see what the finish would look like on our cupboards.

#10 Any free comments you would like to add?

People have been so amazed at the finish of the kitchen. We can’t wait to have our bathroom resurfaced. I would highly recommend them to anyone.