This month we have gone the extra yards and spent a whole bunch of time researching door handles! You might not have considered all the finer details in how you will finish off your revamped project – but don’t worry we have! We know it’s the little details in a big project that make the difference between your friends and family saying oh that’s nice’ and ‘WOW’

We love Bunnings just as much as the next home renovator or tradie for their wide range of products at afforable prices, but if you want something a little more special just like us then keep on reading.

So your project research is going well and you can now tick off your to do list

* What items need to be removed / fixed
* What items will be reused and resurfaced
* What new items will be installed – vanity, shower screen maybe a mirror

What about the details that will link the project together ?
What will help you create contrast and interest in your space ?

The popular all white kitchen goes from being stark to amazing once a contrasting colour is brought into the design. Think matte black tapware at the sink linking the black of the oven to the black kettle or toaster on the bench top. You can enhance this trend even further and introduce another element by including new black handles on your resurfaced doors. Beautifully shown below in our #Albertonproject images included above.

Ohhh what about white walls in the bathroom with soft hints of timber……….

Or cement overlay with the brightness of chrome…………..

Marble bench tops with the elegance of brass……..

The idea’s must surely be flowing now! Lets check out some of our favourite door handles above. All of these handles are available for purchase through us. Just let us know which ones you need for your project.

If your budget allows for it and you really want to make a statement then look no further than local interiors and retail company Lo & Co Interiors. They have the most elegant and contemporary range of hardware. With an offering that has us drooling over solid brass pulls and hexagon shaped details. These handles can really take your project to the next level.