So it should be no surprise to our regular readers that we love to create change. We set out to give people an alternative option to ripping out old, dated but functional spaces by making them new and fresh with resurfacing. We have a real eye for being savvy and smart in the way we tackle our projects or ‘revamps’ as we like to call them. Interiors are our thing and we love them.

In this blog post we wanted to focus on how you can take your kitchen revamp up a notch by finishing off the project with a considered approach to how you reorganise the use of your space. Once you have cleared out the contents of your cupboards/pantry for your revamp it’s seriously worth considering how you put it all back. You have probably never realised it could be so much more organised and actually save you time and money!

There is no one better in giving advice on organising your kitchen than Sarah Shanahan. We have been following Sarah’s inspiring instagram page, Sarah Shanahan_lifestyle for a really long time and are thrilled to have her expertise on hand for this month. In case you haven’t come across her we thought it would be valuable to share, and of course she’s an Adelaide local!

We went back into our Wattle Park kitchen revamp and followed Sarah’s tips on how to create organisation within the pantry and the difference it makes is amazing!

From first thought you may think you are organised in your pantry, but it’s not until you take a closer look at how you can arrange items that you realise there is an art and it’s an art Sarah has mastered for many clients.

Be sure to have a look at the before photo above……….eek!

Now let’s apply Sarah’s key tips for pantry organisation.

Sort the pantry into zones that make sense for you. For example set aside one area for baking ingredients, one for breakfast items (cereals, spreads), pasta and grains, cans and jars, condiments and spices. If you have additional room for glasses and crockery group these together also.

Be sure to position the everyday items within easy reach.

Transfer open or unopened packages into clear glass storage containers where possible and label – this makes life so much easier and creates a well-ordered, calm and simplified look.

Baskets are also handy for grouping items together – unopened pasta and rice packets, condiments and sauces, party/picnic products and school snacks.

Keep it simple, don’t overcrowd the pantry to ensure you can find everything easily. Keep multiples of items in baskets on higher shelves or out of sight until you need them.

Maintenance – after doing a big grocery shop, empty new products straight into their containers and rotate others from storage to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Make sure you label your newly organised pantry with some beautiful labels like these ones featured, by Adelaide local – ‘Words she wrote’.

Whilst we are helping you revamp an old kitchen it doesn’t take much to include a couple of simple ideas that will enhance your space even further when it comes to placement of items, clutter and functionality. Here are some extra ideas that you may not have thought of with your kitchen that you could incorporate really easily.

Idea 1
Have a high retro breakfast bar? Let’s cut it down and install a new bench top to allow you to have a second eating area when you add some barstools, or think about how much extra food prep space you have created by taking it down to one level. Better still no high bench means no place to allow clutter to sit and hide. With everything open and on show it encourages family members to put things away – a Mother’s dream right!

Idea 2
Have you considered adding some floating shelves to your space to give you extra storage area? Open shelves allow the stylist in all of us to come out and play! What’s the point in hiding everything in a cupboard? Don’t be afraid to combine functional kitchen items with decorative items that make your home truly yours.

Idea 3
Whilst finding homes behind closed doors for those annoying items that constantly get left around is the easy answer – switching it up and leaving some things out has its benefits. Finding a permanent home for a bowl of fruit on the kitchen bench top, is the best way to get the family to easily and regularly reach for fruit rather than having to go searching for it! We have been doing this one for years and it works – even with the neighbours kids and guests!!

All the best if you tackle your space!