When you take on a renovation it can bring out the best and worst of you. It can stress relationships and stress your financial capacities.

The lows can be really low but highs are what bring me back each time. Renovating is a skill that sometimes is under estimated by many it requires an ability to look pass what in front of you and being able to see what it could be.

I know many times that I have taken on a renovation friends and family and even tradies look at all the problems and work while I look at from the different angle. The potential what can be done, how cool the space can be.

One person’s problems is another’s potential but it’s not for the faint hearted. It goes a little like this,

First optimism and enthusiasm

Then “wow what the hell have I got myself into, this is a lot more work than I thought it would be.

Stage 3 things are moving on, the space is coming together now I can see the end picture.

Last stage; Damn these final little finishing off bits

Wow what a difference this looks amazing.. Have a beer or wine and or both and look back at what you have achieved, you should be proud.


So how can you minimise the stress that can come with it.

Have a budget and do your absolute best to stick with it. There will be unforeseen costs so factor in a buffer for this.

Be creative and discover ways to give things a new look for a little cost. Don’t throw and replace items that can be improved with a simple coat of paint etc. Things add up pretty quickly so prioritise what you want to do.

Get to know good trades people the best way would be by using your social networks for referred workers. A good trades person can give you quick feedback on what you are visualising they can advise on potential limitations or other ways of achieving your look.

Always ask lots of questions as this the only way you can learn for yourself. This can also ensure that you and any contractors/friends are on the same page which can save you some money and time.

There is a fine line between a quality renovation and over capitalising on your project the skill is finding that balance. Another area that can catch you is the time frame to undertake your renovation it can take a lot longer to finish if you don’t consider the order in which things are done. Don’t get too caught up the minor, buts until warranted. If you can do a lot of the ground work prior to starting it can give you a bit of a head start for example pick the colour of paint prior. Be warned though it sounds simple but have you seen how many variations of white that there are.

Finishing up there are many small specific tips that I will go into more detail in detail future posts. But last parting advice is to have fun and get your family involved as much as possible it’s amazing what satisfaction you can all get from doing something together

Happy renovating and may the force be with you.